Frequently Asked Questions

What is Valor 4 Vet?

Valor 4 Vet specializes in providing essential support for veterans navigating disability claims with the Veterans Benefits Administration. We are a dedicated team of Medical Experts focused on preparing reports that establish a connection between a veteran’s service and their disability.

Our expertise lies in crafting Medical Opinions and conducting Disability Exams, offering veterans the necessary medical evidence to substantiate their claims. Our role is to ensure that each veteran’s claim is supported by thorough and professional medical documentation, helping to streamline their journey towards claim approval.

Our president at Valor 4 Vet is accredited by the VA, and we leverage this accreditation to deeply understand the legal nuances as they apply to medical expert work in veteran disability claims.

While we do not provide legal advice or representation, nor do we offer medical treatment advice, our focus is on using our accredited expertise to create precise and fair medical reports for veterans. This ensures that every claim we support is backed by thorough and legally-informed medical documentation, without any claim on your back pay.

What Valor 4 Vet is NOT?

Valor 4 Vet focuses exclusively on assisting with veteran disability claims, but it’s important to understand our limitations:

      • We do not offer legal advice or act as legal representatives.
      • Our services do not include providing medical advice for treating diseases.
      • We maintain an objective stance in our assessments; our commitment is to accuracy and fairness, not just agreement.
      • We do not claim any portion of your back pay as part of our services.

Our goal is to provide specialized support in the medical aspect of your disability claim, ensuring you have the expert evidence needed for your application.

What is a Nexus Letter?

A Nexus Letter, also known as a Medical Opinion, is a critical document authored by our team of qualified Medical Experts, including PAs, NPs, MDs, DOs, Psychologists with Ph.D./Psy.D., or an Audiologist. This letter is instrumental in clarifying the connection between a veteran’s disability and their military service for the VA.

Our process at Valor 4 Vet begins with a Record Review, where our Medical Experts examine the veteran’s medical records and history.

Our diverse team, encompassing audiologists, podiatrists, psychologists, and general medical providers, specializes in crafting these Nexus Letters, each finalized with a doctor’s signature for authenticity. Learn more about Nexus Letters and their significance here.

Why Valor 4 Vet?

Valor 4 Vet is a partner that stands out in supporting veterans’ disability claims with integrity and expertise.

As a small business, we’re not chasing your backpay — we’re here to empower you with knowledge. With flat fees, transparent pricing, and limited advertising, we prioritize quality over quantity. We’re deeply committed to educating both our team and our clients about the VA disability claims process, following the VA guidelines, and going beyond the standard C&P process.

Our expert medical team is dedicated to providing quality-controlled reports that withstand the scrutiny of time.

Experience the Valor 4 Vet difference, where we’re invested in your success and uphold our reputation with the VA.

What is Valor 4 Vet’s Success Rate?

At Valor 4 Vet, our goal is to achieve a 100% success rate. We are committed to supporting veterans throughout the entirety of their claim’s journey. Our medical experts diligently review records, and if they establish a service connection, they craft a quality Nexus Letter.

Should your claim be denied due to the VA examiner’s failure to establish a nexus, despite Valor 4 Vet’s determination, we provide a service to refine the Nexus Letter at a minimal charge.

What Conditions Can Valor 4 Vet Provide an Opinion For?

Valor 4 Vet provides expert opinions on many different health issues. You can check out a list of the kinds of opinions we’ve written before by clicking here.

How Long Does it Take Valor 4 Vet to Write an Independent Medical Opinion?

At Valor 4 Vet, it generally takes about 24 days to complete Record Reviews and around 28 days to write Nexus Letters. These timeframes can change depending on how many cases we have and when we receive payment from the veteran for our services.

We’re constantly working on getting these done faster.

What Are Nexus Letter Services Going to Cost?

Pricing for Nexus Letter Services at Valor 4 Vet is as follows:

Basic Record Review: $200.00

Addresses up to four medical conditions (excludes mental health and audiological conditions).

Additional reviews can be purchased. 

Mental Health Record Review: $200.00

Conducted by our psychologists.

Required for a Mental Health Nexus Letter or a Mental Health Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ).

Audiology Record Review: $200.00

Focused on audiological conditions. Specifically, hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo, or Meniere’s.

Podiatry Record Review: $200.00

Centers on up to four conditions of the feet or ankles.

Active Duty / Recently Discharged Record Review: $400.00

Critical for service members nearing discharge or recently separated.

Nexus Letters: $600.00

Our medical experts craft a thorough report that surpasses the standards set by the VA.

Each letter is tailored to address a single medical condition since the reasoning for each condition’s service connection can vary.

These letters are important for your VA claim because they make a clear connection between your current health issues and your time in the service.

Please note a Record Review by our team is a prerequisite for this service.

Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs): $150.00 to $200.00

A limited number of DBQs are available online. DBQs assess the condition and are necessary to establish a disability rating.

A full list of available DBQs can be found by clicking here. 

Please note that all prices are subject to change.

What Records Do I Need Before I Get Started with Valor 4 Vet?

It’s crucial to start off on the right foot.

Please refer to our detailed CHECKLIST for the essential documents our Medical Experts require.


Skipping this step could lead to unnecessary costs. If our Medical Expert reviews your provided documents and finds that you haven’t supplied what’s listed on the checklist, you’ll need to compensate for their time to review your file again.

To avoid additional fees, please ensure all necessary documents are provided from the start.

What Happens After the Nexus Letter is Complete?

Once the Nexus Letter is drafted, we forward it for the veteran’s or their representative’s approval. After receiving the approval, our Medical Expert signs the document, which is then digitally delivered to the veteran’s folder. The report is available for digital download.

While we do not file reports with the VA as we are not your representative, we retain a copy should the VA require an original. For legal advice regarding your claim, we recommend consulting with an accredited veteran service officer or an attorney.

Portal: What Does the Status Mean in the Portal?

Each step along the process indicates where the order is at as it is being processed. The following terms are used and indicate the following: 


The order has been received. 


“Assigned to Medical Expert”

The order has been assigned to a Medical Expert.


“Draft Started”

The Medical Expert has started the report. 


“Pending Quality Review”

The report has been drafted by the Medical Expert and submitted for the Quality Review Process. Once the Quality Review has been completed and the Draft is approved, the report will be sent to the Client. 


“Revision Requested”

The report was reviewed by a second Medical Expert and something important was missing. The original Medical Expert needs to review and address comments made by the second Medical Expert. 

          — or —

A Modification of the Drafted report was requested by the client.


“Waiting for Client Approval”

The report is waiting for the Client’s approval. A link to approve the Drafted report is found in the Portal. 


“Waiting for Physician Signature”

The report is waiting for the Physician to sign. 



The report is completed and signed. The report is available for download in the Portal. 


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Closed 12pm to 1pm daily.

We observe all federal holidays.

Valor 4 Vet does not represent veterans for legal claims, does not provide legal advice, and does not provide medical advice.

If you have difficulties navigating the website please call the office at 888-448-1011.