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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Valor 4 Vet?

With almost every veteran disability claim to the Veterans Benefit Administration a Medical Expert report is required to establish a service connection. We are a team of Medical Experts that write those reports to help the veteran establish the service connection.

Our Medical Experts write Medical Opinions and perform Disability Exams so that the veteran has the required medical evidence to support a disability claim.

What Valor 4 Vet is NOT?

We are not legal advice.

We are not legal representation.

We are not providing medical advice for treating disease.

We are not a “Yes Man.” 

We are not asking for your back pay. 


What is a Nexus Letter?

Nexus Letter or Medical Opinion is a letter written by a Medical Expert (PA, NP, MD, DO, or Psychologist with a Ph.D./Psy.D.) which explains to the VA how the veteran’s disability is related to military service.

The process of obtaining a Nexus Letter through Valor 4 Vet starts with a Record Review. The Record Review allows the Medical Expert to go through the veteran’s medical records and identify if a condition is related to military service.

At Valor 4 Vet we have an audiologist, podiatrist, psychologist, general medical physician, and midlevel medical experts that write Nexus Letters.

All Nexus Letters come with a doctor’s signature.

Read more about Nexus Letters here.

Why Valor 4 Vet?

We are very different from our competitors.

We don’t cut corners, weren’t not out to exhaust ones savings, and we do it the right way.

The creator of Valor 4 Vet learned from the VA the rules of Medical Experts. We follow the rules.

Valor 4 Vet actively teaches their Medical Experts the M21-1 and 38 CFR which outlines Veterans Benefits.

We care about our reputation with the VA.

Register to get started with Valor 4 Vet here.


What is Valor 4 Vet’s Success Rate?

We aim for 100%.

We will follow the veteran through the life of the claim.

If one of our Medical Expert completes a Record Review and finds a link to service then writes a Nexus Letter, we will stand by the veteran from a Medical Expert perspective.

Meaning if the denial is related to our Nexus, for a nominal fee we will modify the Nexus Letter.

Our current statistics can be found on our homepage. 


What Conditions Can Valor 4 Vet Provide an Opinion For?

Valor 4 Vet can provide medical opinions for all physical medical conditions except for the initial Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, diagnosis.

Veterans Benefit Administration requires that the initial TBI diagnosis and residuals be provided by a VA physician specializing in psychiatry, physiatry, neurology, or neurosurgery.


How Long Does it Take Valor 4 Vet to Write an Independent Medical Opinion?

Record Reviews currently take an average of 24 days.

Nexus Letters currently take an average of 28 days.

These numbers may vary and are based on the current workload and time of payment for services by the veteran.

We are actively working to reduce the wait times.


What Are Nexus Letter Services Going to Cost?

A record review is required before a Nexus Letter can be written:

Basic Record Review — 200.00

Basic Record Review is specific to the conditions being claimed. A Basic Record Review is limited to 4 medical conditions.

The Basic Record Review does not include mental health conditions, hearing loss, or tinnitus. A Basic Record Review does not assess for an increase for service connected conditions.

If more than 4 medical conditions are being claimed, more than one Basic Record Review can be purchased.

Once the Basic Record Review is completed, the medical expert will determine if there is enough evidence and will accept or reject the case.

Mental Health Record Review — 200.00

Mental Health Record Review is designated for our psychologists and is a separate review. Our psychologist will review the treatment records to see if the veteran may qualify for a service connection, or if the psychologist deems there is enough evidence to complete a DBQ for the mental health condition.

This does not include medical conditions.

Once the Mental Health Record Review is completed, the psychologist will determine if there is enough evidence for a Nexus Letter or Disability Benefit Questionnaire.

If a Disability Benefits Questionnaire for Mental Health is desired then the veteran will be scheduled for a telemedicine examination and online mental health testing may also be required.

**Mental Health Examinations require a computer camera with audio and microphone or a smart phone.

Audiology Record Review — 200.00 

An Audiology Record Review is specific to hearing loss, tinnitus, Meniere’s disease, or vertigo.

An Audiology Record Review does not assess for an increase for service connected conditions.

Once the Audiology Record Review is completed, the audiologist will determine if there is enough evidence and will accept or reject the case.

Podiatry Record Review — 200.00

Podiatry Record Review is specific to the conditions being claimed. A Podiatry Record Review is limited to 4 medical conditions.

A Podiatry Record Review does not assess for an increase for service connected conditions.

If there are more than 4 medical conditions being claimed, more than one Podiatry Record Review can be purchased.

Once the Podiatry Record Review is completed, the podiatrist will determine if there is enough evidence and will accept or reject the case.

Active Duty / Discharged in the Last 12 Months Record Review — 400.00

This type of record review is focused on finding benefits for those who are active duty and about to discharge or retire from service and those who have been discharged within the last 12 months.

This is a critical time to build medical evidence.

We feel the veteran should go in prepared. They nee to know what they are entitled to and what needs to have more medical evidence for a legal claim. This type of medical record review breaks down the evidence the veteran has to support a claim for benefits and may suggest action to build a claim.

A lot of service members believe that if they get injured any time during service they are automatically entitled to a disability and that is not true.

Use this type of Record Review to be prepared for discharge from military service.

This review does not provide a disability percentage rating because a face to face examination is required to provide that type of determination.

Nexus letters are a separate service.

Nexus Letters — 600.00 

The Nexus Letter is the actual report that is sent to the VA for a disability claim. This letter will discuss how the medical condition demonstrates a relationship to service, whether it is direct, secondary, or aggravated due to military service.

One nexus letter will cover one medical condition. This practice is modeled after the VA.

Disability Benefits Questionnaires or Disability Exam — 150.00 to 200.00

A Disability Benefits Questionnaire or Disability Exam provides the VA with the information they need to determine a disability percentage rating.

Valor 4 Vet offers Online DBQs for:

              • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
              • Erectile Dysfunction
              • Esophageal Conditions
              • Headaches
              • Sleep Apnea

Find our Online DBQs here.

Valor 4 Vet offers appointments for Face to Face DBQs here.

What Records Do I Need Before I Get Started with Valor 4 Vet?


We have carefully put together a CHECKLIST that tells you what is needed for our Medical Experts.


If you do not use the checklist you may end up wasting your money. If a Medical Expert reviews the documents you provided but you did not provide the requested documents from the checklist, then you have to pay the Medical Expert -again- for their time to look at the file a second time.

Do it right the first time.


What Happens After the Nexus Letter is Complete?

After the Nexus Letter is drafted, we send the document out for approval to the veteran or representative. Once the document has been initialed for approval, our Medical Expert(s) will sign the document and it will be sent digitally to the veteran or representative.

The client will receive a digital copy of the letter to download. 

We do not submit the reports to the Veterans Administration because we are not legal representation. There are many avenues to pursuing a claim with the Veterans Administration and we do not get involved with the legal part. We do keep a copy of the report in your file for a period of time in case the VA requests an original. 

If you have legal questions about a claim, we suggest making use of a veteran service officer or an attorney.


Portal: What Does the Status Mean in the Portal?

Each step along the process indicates where the order is at as it is being processed. The following terms are used and indicate the following: 


The order has been received. 


“Assigned to Medical Expert”

The order has been assigned to a Medical Expert.


“Draft Started”

The Medical Expert has started the report. 


“Pending Quality Review”

The report has been drafted by the Medical Expert and submitted for the Quality Review Process. Once the Quality Review has been completed and the Draft is approved, the report will be sent to the Client. 


“Revision Requested”

The report was reviewed by a second Medical Expert and something important was missing. The original Medical Expert needs to review and address comments made by the second Medical Expert. 

          — or —

A Modification of the Drafted report was requested by the client.


“Waiting for Client Approval”

The report is waiting for the Client’s approval. A link to approve the Drafted report is found in the Portal. 


“Waiting for Physician Signature”

The report is waiting for the Physician to sign. 



The report is completed and signed. The report is available for download in the Portal. 

Valor 4 Vet does not represent veterans for legal claims, does not provide legal advice, and does not provide medical advice.

If you have difficulties navigating the website please call the office at 888-448-1011.