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Valor 4 Vet Nexus Letter Service Checklist

1. Register for services at Valor 4 Vet.

2. Have a diagnosis by a Physician, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant for the claimed condition.

3. Obtain the medical records that show the diagnoses of the condition being claimed. Upload the documents to include labs and xrays.

4. Upload the medical documents showing all current diagnosed conditions (also known as a problem list) and all current medications (over the counter and prescribed).

5. Service Treatment Records (STRs)
STRs are important if you are claiming a condition directly related to military service:
[ ] I have uploaded my STRs to Valor 4 Vet.

I have filed for service connection before or am currently service connected:
• My STRs are in my claims file with the VA.
[ ] I have uploaded my claims file to Valor 4 Vet.

I have never filed for service connection before:
• I do not have my STRs.
• I submitted an SF180 to the National Archives for my STRs.
[ ] I have uploaded the STRs to Valor 4 Vet.

6. Personal statements about the condition you are wanting to claim are important. This tells your story to the VA as well as to our Clinicians.
[ ] I have completed one medical statement for each medical condition I am claiming using Valor 4 Vet’s online form here.
[ ] My spouse, partner, or other service member who witnessed symptoms or an event about the condition has completed a statement using Valor 4 Vet’s online form here.

7. The VA wants to see that your condition is a chronic condition. If you are missing medical treatment records causing a gap of 5 or more years of treatment for the medical condition, provide a separate personal statement about your attempt to obtain the medical records. If you use our template, it will be documented from step 6 above and another one is not necessary.

8. I have uploaded a document showing my current service connections and percentages to Valor 4 Vet.

9. If I have been denied, I have uploaded the complete decision letter which explains why I was denied for the claim.

10. Valor 4 Vet does not give legal advice or assist with filing the actual paperwork for your claim. Working with an Accredited VA Attorney, Agent, or Organization is *highly* recommended.
[ ] I understand that I should discuss my claim with an Accredited Representative, Veteran Service Officer, or Attorney because Valor 4 Vet does not offer these services.

11. If claiming PTSD:
I am currently service connected for PTSD and am trying for an increase:
[ ] I have uploaded the last DBQ performed by a Psychologist or Psychiatrist.
[ ] I have uploaded mental health treatment records from the last 9 months of treatment.

I am not currently service connected for PTSD:
[ ] I understand that the VA mandates that the initial PTSD evaluation or DBQ is performed by the VA.
[ ] I understand that having a nexus and/or a DBQ from Valor 4 Vet will help support your claim despite VA mandates.
For example, if a VA Mental Health Clinician has doubts about your claim, having another Psychologist’s opinion and perspective may help the VA Mental Health Clinician rationalize their medical opinion.
[ ] I have an established diagnosis of PTSD by a Psychologist or Psychiatrist.
[ ] I have uploaded mental health treatment records from the last 9 months of treatment.

12. I have completed all the above tasks. I am ready to proceed with a record review. Visit our website. Click on “Registered Clients” and follow the steps to order and pay for the record review you chose.

——————- After My Nexus Letter is Completed ——————-

13. Valor 4 Vet Offers Face to Face DBQs.
I have reviewed their traveling schedule and made an appointment for a face to face evaluation(s) for the conditions I am claiming.

14. Valor 4 Vet Offers Online DBQs.
Complete an online DBQ if you are claiming:
[ ] Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
[ ] Erectile Dysfunction
[ ] Esophageal Conditions
[ ] Headaches/Migraine Headaches
[ ] Sleep Apnea