Valor 4 Vet Receives Praise on Exposed Vet Podcast

Valor 4 Vet Receives Praise on Exposed Vet Podcast

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If there is anything true about the Veteran community, it’s that we’re are a tight-knit bunch of people. It is also most often true that we are the type of people that are outspoken and call it like it is. That’s why receiving praise from a well-respected and trusted Veteran advocate like Alex Graham during his appearance on Exposed Vet Podcast is such an honor for Valor 4 Vet.

John Basser and Jerrel Cook host Exposed Vet Podcast, and its mission is to talk about all things that affect Veterans. Alex Graham is a frequent guest who shares his expertise in VA Disability Claims. On this episode that aired December 24, 2020, Alex talked with John and Jerrel about the difficulties Veterans face in getting claims approved and warned about the companies out there to “help” them get claims approved.

Alex’s expertise comes in part from his fight with the VA Claims process. Like many Veterans, he has a long list of disabilities. Out of his journey with the claims process came a determination to help other service members receive the benefits they are entitled to receive. His specialties are cases that involve Hepatitis C, agent orange, special compensation benefits, and terminal Veterans (or, sadly, their widows or widowers). Alex is an Accredited VA Appeals Agent and a member of the National Organization of Veteran Advocates (NOVA).

During his chat with John and Jerrel on Exposed Vet Podcast, he tells the story of a company he became aware of located in Florida, owned by a former VA examiner, that assists Veterans with disability claims. They review medical records, identify conditions that could be compensable, and provide nexus letters required by the VA. That sounds like a great deal, right? The problem is that as soon as these claims are won, the company takes a HUGE portion of the Veteran’s back pay and monthly benefits. Alex says this practice sounds downright illegal to him!

The good news is there are reputable organizations out there that honestly want to help Veterans without robbing them of their benefits. Alex names Valor 4 Vet as one such organization.

“When you win your case in the end, there isn’t a vulture sitting on the telephone pole waiting for your money,” Alex said of the team at Valor 4 Vet. He said that he hasn’t personally worked with Bethanie Spangenberg and her team but is sure he will in the future. He described the Veteran Advocate community as being a small, close-knit group of good people that all work together at some point.

At Valor 4 Vet, they know how difficult, time-consuming, and costly the fight to get disability claims approved can be. That’s why Bethanie founded the company in 2015 after many years of working at the VA. She and her team of physicians assist Veterans in building evidence for their disability claims.

Their services outmatch their competitors by far. They have a diverse team of medical professionals including an audiologist, psychologist, podiatrist, physicians, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner, to consult on many conditions. This extensive panel of medical experts also means that documents that come from Valor 4 Vet have been screened multiple times by several medical professionals.

Best of all, nexus letters provided by Valor 4 Vet stay with Veterans for life. There’s no paying for new copies. The Veteran owns their documents in their entirety.

Valor 4 Vet is proud to be a respected part of the Veteran Advocate community and appreciates Alex Graham’s endorsement. You can visit his website for a ton of information on Veteran conditions along with learning more about his journey. We also encourage you to listen to Exposed Vet Podcast, and you can listen to this specific episode here.

Stay tuned, as Bethanie appears as a guest on the podcast in a future episode!

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