Agreement between User and Valor 4 Vet

This Website is comprised of multiple web pages operated by Valor 4 Vet. The Website is offered to you (the “User”) conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein. Your use of the Valor 4 Vet website constitutes your agreement to all terms.

The Valor 4 Vet website is used to optimize the buying and selling of goods and services offered by Valor 4 Vet online.

Valor 4 Vet primarily serves as a professional consulting service associated with medical information, medical documentation, and laws governing veteran disability claims. Valor 4 Vet does not provide medical treatment services. Valor 4 Vet is not actively practicing medicine, providing treatment, medical recommendations, or prescribing medications.

The role of Valor 4 Vet at all times is to serve as a consultant.

Valor 4 Vet offers the User access to the Portal for easy access to reports compiled by medical experts at Valor 4 Vet, upon registration. 


International User

Valor 4 Vet is operated in the United States. If access to the Website is made from outside the United States, the User is responsible for compliance with the User’s local


User Dispute

The User consents to the jurisdiction of courts in Ohio associated with any dispute arising from the use of the Website. Use of this Website in any jurisdiction which limits
any provision outlined in the Terms is unauthorized.


Third-Party Relationships

The Website contains links to other websites that Valor 4 Vet does not maintain.

Valor 4 Vet is not responsible for the content contained within another website.

Providing links to other websites does not indicate endorsement.


Prohibited Use

The User agrees not to exploit the information contained on the Website.

Valor 4 Vet does not grant the User any licenses to the intellectual property of Valor 4 Vet.


Portal User

The User is responsible for securing Portal account access information.

Valor 4 Vet is not responsible for another party’s theft of the User’s Portal account information due to User negligence.


Portal User Communication

The User agrees to receive text messages and email notifications to optimize communication efforts by Valor 4 Vet.

Portal User Termination or Portal Access Restriction

Valor 4 Vet reserves the right to terminate User access to the Website, including access to the Portal.



The role of Valor 4 Vet at all times is to serve as a consultant using materials provided by the User (medical records) to deliver services.

Valor 4 Vet does not guarantee a service connection, an increase in service connection, a reversal of an appeal, or disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”), Veterans Benefits Administration (“VBA”), or any other entity. The Services are based solely on the medical education, legal training, training in disability and compensation through the Veterans Administration, and Valor 4 Vet’s experience working directly with the VA in processing claims.

Records provided by the User for Valor 4 Vet and the medical expert to review should not be physically mailed. All records pertaining to the services are to be supplied to Valor 4 Vet before purchasing services.

If more than 3 months have passed following the completion of a Record Review service, the veteran may require another Record Review as medical conditions may change and alter the medical expert’s opinion. 

Valor 4 Vet is not liable for the User withholding records. Withholding records may misrepresent a claim and alter the medical expert’s opinion.

Valor 4 Vet is not liable for missed benefits deadlines associated with a VA claim for benefits. 

At any time, should the User fail to make any payment of monies owed under any agreement with Valor 4 Vet, Valor 4 Vet has the right to suspend all medical expert work in
connection with the Services and shall not be held responsible for any liability, damages, or claims as a result of non-payment.


Service Cancellation Policy

When applicable, if any work has been completed to index or to organize the files for the medical expert, a refund will not be issued.

If the medical expert has reviewed the documents provided by the User or has drafted a report, a refund will not be issued.

When applicable, any work completed by medical experts at Valor 4 Vet that is delivered to the User and accessible through the Portal will not be refunded.

Refund requests or cancellations require the client to:

1.) call and speak with the office staff and
2.) provide the request for a refund in writing by email to