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I attest that I have the authorization to proceed with services on the veteran’s behalf or as the veteran’s next of kin.

By hitting submit you agree to have Valor 4 Vet securely store the information provided including documents for review by Medical Experts associated with Valor 4 Vet.

By hitting submit you agree to receive text message and email notifications to optimize communication efforts by Valor 4 Vet. 


Valor 4 Vet serves as a professional consulting service associated with the medical information, medical documentation, and laws governing veteran disability claims. Valor 4 Vet does not provide medical treatment services and Valor 4 Vet is not actively practicing medicine, providing treatment, medical recommendations, or prescribing medications.

Valor 4 Vet does not guarantee a service connection, a reversal of an appeal, or disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”), Veterans Benefit Administration (“VBA”), or any other entity. The Services are based solely on the medical education, legal training, training in disability and compensation through the Veterans Administration, and Valor 4 Vet’s experience working directly with the VA in processing claims.

The role of Valor 4 Vet at all times is to serve as a consultant using materials provided by the Client (medical records) to deliver services.

The time frame for completion will vary dependent upon company workload.

The main form of communication will be through email in order to expedite services.


A Record Review is required before a request for a Medical Opinion/Nexus letter is accepted. An upfront fee will be collected at the time services are selected. This fee is used to cover the Medical Expert’s time in reviewing the record to make see if there is enough medical evidence to meet the legal requirements for a nexus.

If there is enough medical evidence to meet the legal requirement for a service connection, then the Medical Expert will accept the case to write the nexus.


Valor 4 Vet is not liable for missed benefits deadlines associated with your VA claim for benefits. It is the veteran’s/representative’s responsibility to work with the benefits department associated with your claim. It is recommended that if a deadline to submit a document is approaching, that you do not wait for completion of services by Valor 4 Vet but you note to the VA that you have additional evidence pending. This is recommended because the timelines for completion for services at Valor 4 Vet will vary based on the company work load. 

At any time should the Client fail to make any payment owed under any agreement with Valor 4 Vet, Valor 4 Vet has the right to suspend all Medical Professional work in connection with the Services and shall not be held responsible for any liability, damages, or claims as a result of non-payment. 


A Checklist has been made available online at . The Checklist outlines all the pertinent documents that are needed for the Medical Experts to understand a veteran’s case.

At this point, all Documents submitted for review have been submitted and no further documents need to be uploaded.

Records should not be emailed. All records have been uploaded online via Valor 4 Vet’s secure form provided on their website.

After the Record Review has been ordered, additional records added to the file will likely NOT be reviewed. 

After a Record Review has been completed by the Medical Expert and the Medical Expert determines that there is not enough evidence to support a link to service based on the current documents provided, a new Record Review will need to be ordered for the Medical Expert to review the additional documents. 


By clicking submit, I am indicating that I have read the above contract terms and agree to the terms. I understand that VA deadlines are my responsibility or my representative’s responsibility to meet. I have uploaded all the evidence as requested by Valor 4 Vet demonstrated on their Checklist and uploaded them on their website.

Adding Representation.

You are aware that Valor 4 Vet will attempt to contact the attorney in order to verify representation so that information is not indirectly sent to the attorney without confirming representation. 

Ordering a Record Review

After this form is submitted, additional records added to the file will likley not be reviewed.

Personal Statement:

If you have not completed a personal statment at this stage in the game, you are setting your claim up for failure. 

A personal statement does NOT mean that you are trying to explain the medical side of things.

It means that you are testifying to the symptoms you have experienced and have provided specific examples in your life about the symptoms. 

Help us help you. Often times we receive very little medical records that pertain to the medical condition the veteran wishes to claim. This costs more to you as the client and takes more time for the Medical Experts.

Here are general rules to follow to get the most out of your record review:

1. Have a diagnosis for the medical condition you wish to claim. 

“Back Pain” as a diagnosis is not helpful in writing a Nexus report because this doesn’t tell the Medical Expert what condition you are suffering from in order to connect the dots. Occasionally, xrays will provide some insight.

The general rule: provide medical records with a diagnosis from a visit that occurred within the last 2 years. If you do not have these records, visit your medical provider to establish the diagnosis and request the records one week after your visit. 

2. If there is a gap of 5 or more years in medical records, provide a personal statement about the medical condition you wish to claim. 

One personal statement for one medical condition. Personal statements can be completed here. 

3. Provide your most recent VA decision letter. 

This letter contains information about why you were denied as well as the service information the VA has on file for you. 

4. Know When to Wait:

If you have special testing pending such as a CAT scan or MRI for the medical condition you wish to claim, wait. These tests provide wonderful information to the Medical Experts in understanding your medical condition.

If you are seeing a specialist for the first time, wait. Specialists often narrow the clinical picture when things are in question. The first time you see a specialist they may order additional testing that is helpful in understanding your medical condition. 

I have submitted all medical records pertaining to the record review request. I am not withholding records which may skew the medical experts opinion. I understand that if I withhold medical records that services provided by Valor 4 Vet will not be of value as evidence to the VA.

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