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Face to Face

Disability Benefits Questionnaires

for VA Disability Claims

Valor 4 Vet offers in person disability examinations, or Face to Face examinations, for completion of Disability Benefits Questionnaires. If an examination is required, an in person examination is the only way to provide an appropriate assessment of the disability for several reasons.


The First Reason: Quality.

The VA has established processes for their Disability Benefits Questionnaires and Valor 4 Vet follows them.


How can a disability examiner honestly answer the question about tenderness on touch when the examiner cannot touch the affected joint? We do not want the VA to reject a Disability Benefits Questionnaire because a question is not answered, not honestly answered, or if their processes are not followed. 


Therefore, Valor 4 Vet aims for Quality when scheduling in person examinations to best serve the veteran.


The Second Reason: Time.

Our disability examiners are given one hour to dedicate to a single Disability Benefits Questionnaire.

This gives the veteran and the disability examiner adequate time to discuss the disability, review pertinent medical records, and complete the document.


The disability examiner needs to paint a picture of the veteran's disability for the VA and adequate time is necessary. 

The Third Reason: Comprehensive.

The President at Valor 4 Vet has dedicated a lot of time and energy to assure veterans get the benefits they deserve by staying involved in the legal component of veterans disability as well as understanding the clinical components of disability.


This means that Valor 4 Vet provides valuable information that is not in the standard Disability Benefits Questionnaire. The information that is not in the standard Disability Benefits Questionnaire can get the veteran a more accurate and comprehensive disability rating. 


Because the VA does not update their Disability Benefits Questionnaires as often as they should and because they don't include all the information in order to accurately rate a veteran, we decided to do it.

There are many other reasons why an in person disability examination is necessary aside from what has been listed.


Take the time to see if we will be in your area so that you can get on the schedule for a Face to Face, in person, VA disability exam.  

Coming to a place near you...

If you are in

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, or Tennessee

and are interested in a Face to Face DBQ,

please call us at 888-448-1011

as we are anticipating being in those areas

in late January or early February seeing veterans.