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What is MOPP?

MOPP is a tool used by Medical Professionals to assist in writing a VA medical opinion for a veteran’s disability claim. 

MOPP outlines VA law as the Medical Professional writes their medical opinion and provides guidance along the way so that the Medical Professional does not feel lost or confused. 

Why Should I Use MOPP?

The VA prefers that the veteran’s own treating provider provides their input for a disability claim. However, there has always been a lack of understanding in VA law for a Medical Professional to support their veteran, until now. 

MOPP “holds your hand” in the writing process. References are made to specific VA law so that you can lean on understanding of the law as your write.

The MOPP tool is updated regularly to assure compliance with current VA case law.  

Why Was MOPP Created?

There has often been a disconnect between VA law and medical professionals on the outside of the VA world. Often, Medical Professionals would write to a “reasonable degree of medical probability” or similar language when it doesn’t apply to VA law. 

Now, with MOPP, a Medical Professional can write a medical opinion to the VA for their patient/veteran with confidence that the VA will use their medical opinion with probative value. 

Is MOPP HIPAA Compliant?

Yes! When you use MOPP you can rest assure that the data collected is protected by HIPAA requirements.

How Long Does MOPP Take to Complete an Opinion?

If it is your first time using MOPP, allot for 30 minutes to completion. 

If you have used MOPP before, it is estimated to take 20 minutes to completion. 


How Do I Know My Letter Was Completed?

Upon completion, a PDF document will be displayed for download or printing.

As a security feature, our office will reach out to the Medical Professional’s office to confirm the MOPP entry. 

Is MOPP a Part of the VA?

No. MOPP is a tool that was developed by a private company in order to meet the needs of the veteran community. 

How Much Does MOPP Cost?

A single use access code is purchased by the veteran for their personal provider to use. 

There is no cost for the Medical Professional to use MOPP with an access code purchased by the veteran. 

A Medical Professional can purchase a subscription to use MOPP for multiple patients/veterans. 

Can I Bill for MOPP?

Depending on how you complete this form will determine if you can bill insurance for this service. Please refer to your office’s billing specialist.

Some practices elect not to bill insurance directly and will charge a fee to the patient/veteran for completion of the paperwork. 

Are There Risks to Writing a Medical Opinion for a VA Disability Claim?

Assuming that the Medical Professional is not setting out to defraud the government, there is no risk. 

The structure inside MOPP is designed to assist the Medical Professional in writing their opinion to VA Standards. 

A Medical Professional will not be asked to provide further testimony in a VA court regarding their medical opinion written for their patient/veteran. 

As mentioned previously, VA law is different than social security, medical malpractice, and workers compensation law. VA law is an administrative process. 

Will I Have to Appear in Court?

A Medical Professional is not asked to appear in VA court for a medical opinion written for their patient/veteran. 

What If the Veteran’s Case Seems Complex?


What If I Say ‘No’ To Writing an Opinion?

That’s your prerogative. We want you to feel confident in your decision to write a medical opinion for your patient/veteran. 

The veteran is able to transfer the cost of a MOPP Access Code towards a Nexus Letter Service at Valor 4 Vet. 

Additionally, saying ‘No’ does not break a veteran’s disability claim. Ultimately, the VA has to determine the veteran’s eligibility for a disability claim. 

What Does the MOPP Tool Look Like?

Check out a demo here.

What If I Have More Questions?

Valor 4 Vet does not represent veterans for legal claims, does not provide legal advice, and does not provide medical advice.

If you have difficulties navigating the website please call the office at 888-448-1011.