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What is MOPP?

MOPP is a tool used by Medical Professionals to assist the Medical Professional with writing a VA medical opinion for a veteran’s disability claim. 

MOPP outlines VA law as the Medical Professional writes their medical opinion. The tool provides guidance along the way so that the Medical Professional does not feel lost or confused.

Why Should a Medical Professional Use MOPP?

As a representative, you know that the VA prefers that the veteran’s personal treating provider writes an opinion for the veteran’s disability claim. However, there has always been a lack of understanding in VA law for a Medical Professional to support their veteran, until now. 

MOPP guides the Medical Professional through the writing process. References are made to specific VA law so the Medical Professional can lean on understanding of the law as they write. 

Why Was MOPP Created?

There has often been a disconnect between VA law and Medical Professionals on the outside of the VA world. Often, Medical Professionals would write to a “reasonable degree of medical probability” or similar language when it doesn’t apply to VA law. 

Now, with MOPP, a Medical Professional can write a medical opinion for their veteran patient with confidence that the VA will use their medical opinion with probative value. 

Does MOPP Cover All Claims Where a Medical Opinion is Needed?


MOPP, at this time, does not cover cause of death claims. 

MOPP does not cover statements regarding permanent and total disability, statements regarding aid and attendance, or statements regarding unemployability. 

What Medical Professionals can Use MOPP?

Medical doctors (MD), doctors of osteopathic medicine (DO), physician assistants (PA), or nurse practitioners (NP) may use MOPP. 

This follows VA regulations. 

Is MOPP HIPAA Compliant?

Yes! When the Medical Professional uses MOPP they can rest assure that the data collected is protected by HIPAA requirements.

How Long Does MOPP Take to Complete an Opinion?

If the Medical Professional has never used MOPP, allot for 30-45 minutes to complete. 

If the Medical Professional has used MOPP before, it is estimated to take 20-30 minutes to complete.

How Will I Get the Medical Professional’s Report?

The Medical Professional will give the MOPP report directly to the veteran. The veteran will then provide the report to their representative.

Can I Specify the Opinion that is Needed for my Client’s Case?

Yes! After you have purchased a MOPP code, you will use the same link to specify the opinion that is needed for your client. 

If you just purchased your MOPP Access Code, simply refresh your screen to get started. 

How Much Does MOPP Cost?

A single use access code is purchased by the veteran for their personal provider to use. 

There is a package option for representatives to purchase access codes for their veteran client. 

How Do I Purchase a MOPP Access Code?

MOPP Access Codes are purchased through the Valor 4 Vet Portal. 

Click Here to register for the Portal.

If you have already registered for the Portal, Click Here to login.  

Can I Get a Refund for Purchase of MOPP Access Code(s)?

As a representative, the purchase of a MOPP Access Code(s) is nonrefundable. 

The purchase is transferable. Meaning you may elect to cancel the MOPP Access Code(s) order and use the monies from the purchase of a MOPP Access Code(s) towards another service provided by Valor 4 Vet. 

What If I Have More Questions?


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